In the Feb/March issue Steve Anchell does an up to date survey on black and white fiber based printing papers including changes coming from Kodak.

Future articles in progress include masking the negative, a fashion and figure photographer who specializes in black and white, and a test of fiber based papers and various developers for tone and contrast options. Other articles on working in the tradional darkoom are in progress including a test of the Acros 120 and 35mm film in PMK, a test of several Pyro and Pyrocatechol based film developers (this will be in View Camera), a look at Ansco's 130 print developer, a test of the new Sekonic L558 meter (Zoning with the Multi-Tasking Meter: An Update), and more.

CameraArts and View Camera are working hard to be the magazines for the traditional photogrpahers. We have more of this type of article than any other magazine that we know of.

steve simmons