... Is there some sort of bias against rocks here? Any landscape, in the last analysis, reduces to "a pile of rocks" - even sand dunes ... many, many teeny rocks. Even the Parthenon ... lots of (all right, modified) rocks.

Why are we - or rather, some of us - so paranoid-sensitive that we immediately assume the position that someone is trying to "cheat - that they are automatically trying to swindle us into thinking that their undeserving work is really fine, when it isn't?

There are "phonies" in this game. From what I've seen, a fair number of them actually do have "reputations" and are accepted as Fine Artists. Anyone who dares say, " ...But ... but ... the Emperor doesn't have ANY clothes on!" stands a fair chance of being beaten towards submission.

Interesting ... we have struggled with the question, "What is Art". Let us contemplate another; "What IS a phony?"