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The Art in Art as it goes, is the Art to try and get your work of Art sold, that my friend is the real Art of, and in Art..... Your not an artist until you can live of the Art you produce as an artist.... every other discussion on what art is, and what art isn't is so to speak, is superficial, subjective and overall very personal.
I have been following these "art" threads lately. I have so far resisted taking part (been to busy working on a show), anyway thought I might throw something in, especialy as people seem to be saying that art s all about getting your work sold for lots of money and conning the public.


Well I am an artist. And I use a camera (well several actually) to create art and I, like most of the artists I know create because we are driven to do it, not because we want to either sell it (that would be nice, and I do sell work), to annoy people (though I some times do with my work) or to make my living at it (that would be good, but leads to other problems, such as thinking about what is going to sell).

Not all, in fact very few artists make their living directly from there art. Some teach, some work as postal delivery people, others sell insurance (Charles Ives springs to mind) others do contract HR (well, me anyway).

But I am an artist, I push boundaries, but no way do I make my living from my art. Rant ends.