Dear Apug members,

I'm new to this forum and first of all I would like to introduce me briefly.

I'm an amateur photographer who lives in Madrid, Spain. I mostly shoot medium format using a TLR Rolleiflex. Mi main interest are landscapes and domestic animals (dogs and cats), not very strange considering that professionally I'm a vet.

Recently, I bought a second hand Durst Laborator 1200 with B&W head (condersers). I wrote to Durst Italy requesting a copy of the user's manual but they didn't reply me at all. So, I'm quite lost with several things about this great enlarger.

I saw in a post from an Apug member (I beleive he or she was "nomoreroger") a year ago or so that he/she had a manual for the Durst Laborator 1200 for free.

I wrote "nomoreroger" as well, but again I didn't have a reply.

So, now my last chance are one of yours. Have any of you a copy of this manual? In such a case, Would be possible for you to send me a pdf copy of the manual?

If any of you were so kind, I would be eternally grateful!!

I think that's all. Thank you very much in advance and I'm very happy to find this great group devoted to traditional photography. Congratulations to all!!!!

Best wishes,