Here's my 2 cents worth.

The Phillipines was cool. Spent most of the time on an island called palawan. Beautiful beaches.

Personally though I really love central and south america. Peru, Bolivia, and Chile would be a great place to go. I started in Lima and made a big loop through northern peru, amazon, southern peru (cuzco), lago titicaca, la paz, northern chile, and back to lima via arequipa. Central america is also a really neat place. I could live in antigua guatemala. The yucatan was also neat; however, you have to avoid the tourist places like cancun. Costa Rica is also really neat. I spent most of my time in guanacaste and the nicoya penninsula. Watching volcan arenal erupt while sitting in a hot spring was awesome.

I am planning a big trip for two years from now. 15 months around the world.