As Whitey and I have stated a few times, we both are willing to avail the facilities we respectively are associated with (the VPC = me; and the school where Whitey teaches), but others have to step up and organize these events.
Besides working a full time job in a warehouse, I volunteer my curatorial services to the VPC. I will be down to the Center for the next seven Saturdays, not to mention meetings, receptions etc. I don't have a whole lot of time for my own photogy.
So please, if you would like to see something happen, step up and organize the event.
I don't want this to sound like a rant, so to put it in perspective here's an event that happened when I was associated with the old ZONE Art Center in Springfield:
A group of teachers asked to meet with a couple of us board members. So Ron M. and myself (Co-Chairs of the Artistic Committee - big name for curators) met with them. They said we should do this, and do that, work with this group and that.
Ron and I said "All well and fine. We both are volunteers. We both have full-time jobs. We both have families. And we both have very little time to pursue our own artwork. And that all the other volunteers at ZONE were in the same predicament."
We then invited these teachers to join our board and head up whatever activities to work with school children they perceived as neccessary. Never heard from them again!
Moral of the story... if you want to see something happen, make it happen.