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The beautiful places on this earth are here for everyone to enjoy. If I want to express my fascination and wonderment by photographing them, that is my business and no one elses; as long as I do no harm. I will always try to respect the wishes and cultural beliefs of others, but sometimes that is not possible.

Using someone's property in a photograph to make money is another matter entirely.
Beautifull places on Earth are not here for everyone to enjoy, how else do you explain private property of beautifull places on Earth? Or protected parks of nature and you must get licence from authorities of particular country to enter them. Or, even existing of states, and states can reject access some people to reach some beautifull places. For example, I want to see and photograph Colorado river Canyon, and USA government don't give me visas to enter into USA (or any other state for places into those states)

What do you mean with respecting wishes and cultural belifs of others sometimes is not possible?

You want to photograph for some religion sacret place and people who worship that religion find photographing of that place unapropriate. Is it not possibile not to photograph? You just not photograph.

Expressing you fascination of beautifull places by photographing them is your business and nobody elses...

Well, as human body is also material product of nature (or God for religious people) can I express fascination of beautifull nature work, in this case of human body, maybe yours wife or your daughter by photographing them nude, and that is to be only my business and nobody elses? After all body of those women is not product of your work, it is product of natures work, so it is not your business. And I will do no harm, not touch them, just photograph them.

Yes, what I said above is maybe unapropriate, I just wanted to tell that statement "it is my business and no one elses" is unapropriate too.