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Having again read an article on the attributes of Leica glass, this time in their SLR offerings, can anyone here comment on enlargements from Leica glass in the larger sizes such as 11x14 and the qualities that might set Leica apart from it's competition. Or maybe it's just all hype?
I can't say it is hype at all, but that said, I am of the firm belief that good glass makes good pictures, no matter the company that made it, Leica carries a bit of a mystic about it and has for ever, working in the photo shop, I had opportunity to shoot and see the results from alot of the top glass in the world, and in real world pictures, I didn't notice alot of difference in the top glass, but I did notice that if it was mentioned that it was a Leica, then the picture took an aura on that most everybody liked, whether that was because it was a Leica shot, I don't know...Don't get me wrong, offer me a M6 with a selection of lenses and I would jump at the chance, but I don't know that it would make my pictures any better..

As I said, I have always felt that good glass makes good pictures.

Just my .02