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We need to invite these folks to Apug. I notice in the contact page Ben Beasley, Master Printer and Assistant Director. Be interesting to meet him and compare family trees.
We stopped at the gallery and had quite a nice chat with Ben. There were some platinum prints on the wall that were to die for, can't remember the name of the photog, but it was done with darkroom enlarged dupe negs from medium format.
I left Ben with an invite to join us and I hope he does, this gallery seems to be purely analog B&W work at this time, and very beautiful stuff.

We also got a tip from a local on the Savannah Wildlife Sanctuary just across the river in South Carolina on Hwy 17. It's a retired rice plantation with canals and wetland areas covering it and a four mile loop of a road through it to observe the wildlife. We saw a huge crowd of waterfowl wintering there and about a half dozen gators that had come out to sun themselves in the extra warm weather that day. I was able to include one small but good looking specimen in LF shots on Tri-X and some old Kodak HIE. I'm going to love that one when I get it back and soup it. The reeds would have been great for texture shots but the breeze was constant and unrelenting. Sounds like a return trip is needed for when the air is calmer. This is a great place for small and medium format with long long lenses for the wildlife.