Walking the streets of central London leads to all sorts of photo possibilities. I sometimes spend awhile near the fountains in Trafalgar Square trying to snap the interactions between the people with the food and the pigeons. Some folks respond in interesting ways when a dozen birds descend on them at once. However, last time I was there, the stand selling cups of pigeon food had been removed, and the action had quieted some. St. James's Park is nearby and full of folks and interesting vistas. Nearby, there's daily pageantry involving military types in bearskin hats, too. Some museums allow nonflash photography, and I find the recently redone central courtyard of the British Museum, where the British Library was, and the remodeled power station occupied by the Tate Modern to be interesting architectural subjects, aside from the the people wandering about inside. A ride on the big ferris wheel near Westminster bridge gives good views up and down the Thames, including Parliament. The wheel has big cars in which you can walk around and shoot in all directions. Something's usually going on in Leicester Square and Covent Garden.