The fact that most people keep trying to do what has already been done shouldnt be construed as an indication it has all been done. It hasnt. People just dont see all that hasnt been done and they lack fertile imaginations and unique ways of seeing, so they keep doing the same things over and over. I lump myself in that category, though its something I continually strive to escape and there are clearly people who have escaped it. There is nothing wrong with doing the same thing over again though, if thats what you enjoy doing.

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in another thread, which i started this morning, their is some reluctance to discuss issues that some say have already been addressed

so what!

hasn't everything already been done?

why photograph a sunset? it's been done

why photograph a beautiful woman? it's been done

why discuss an issue that has already been addressed? by who? when? maybe i want up to date feedback on the issue

why endlessly discuss stuff that tries to second guess issues that highly trained people have already worked out? is that all that is done on this site?