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Don, I still have 30+ rolls of Ilford 50 speed 120 that I would'nt give to an enemy. Not having used your problem film I have no comparison but I certainley understand your frustration.
So what are you going to do with them? Sounds like something I'd have fun playing with.

Well, I don't consider you my enemy. It's in the fridge I just keep, in the back of my mind thinking someday I'll try to figure the film out. The film has a powdery charchol look to it once printed it's a unique look that could be interesting with the right subject matter, but it's several years old now and not being wine I'm guessing I will probably toss it. Every time I do want to experiment I get flashbacks to all the frustration and lost images this horrible film caused.
Well, being a fine grained slow film it will probably last like Azo. I would think a POTA developer or technidol or maybe stand development would bring out the best in the film. I've used it and got pretty clear shadows, so it needs more exposure and less development that I was treating it to. I was seriously impressed by the detail and fineness of the grain though and would love to play with more. Think you would want to part with it?