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Just to clarify things, are you euphemistically calling a religion a "faith"? It seems to me that a faith is an individual's experience or belief that may or may not exist within the confines of an organized religion. Whereas adherants of an organized religion may not have faith those who do not embrace an organized religion may have the greater actual faith. The two are separate and distinct in my perspective.

I am just trying to gain clarity on what it is that you want to do.
There are two ways to interpret it but this is what I meant by faith:

belief in something that cannot be proven. Any life way or tradition a person holds to and uses to guide their actions. The Navajo Kinnaalda`(A girl's puberty ceremony) would be just as valid as Passover, a Sunday mass, bowing to Mecca, or NAC Peyote meeting. I am looking for someone who is symbolically exploring their own faith through photography.

"Organized" religion is based on faith, in fact, there is organization and structure to all life ways and traditions. None more valid or invalid than the other.

Of course there are those who, say, go to church on Sunday morning because they are Catholic but balance their checkbook while they are there. There are also those who are sitting next to them who get down and pray a rosary and light a candle not because they "have to" but because the "need" to, and there are those inbetween the two. There are those just going through the motions in whatever tradition, life way, or religion you can name, with absolutely no faith at all. To me Faith is Faith. You either have it or you don't have it. If you have it, you express it in what ever means is most appropriate for yourself.