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Hey guys...

Please refer to http://rick_oleson.tripod.com/index-161.html for reference.

I'm try to clean my aperture blades as they do not close down anymore. How do I get that top section off? For the life of my I can't get it off. I assumed where it said "use rubber pad wrench" i assume that its a threaded part but I can't get that darn thing off. Any advice as to I do not have a rubber pad wrench. Thanks.


As you probably know, they are advising you use this: https://www.micro-tools.com/store/it...temCode=LR-KIT

but anything that is fairly grippy and firm should be able to spin it off.

A firm rubber sink stopper of the right size might work as long as it doesn't touch/abrade the lens surface. Might try making it a bit more "grippy" by wiping it down with alcohol and drying it off just before you try to unscrew the ring.

Have a look at the threads on the inside of the barrel and make sure they are not gunked-up. If they are, you might be able to squirt a few drops of alcohol in there to try to free it up.

Worth a try...