I usually like to get the bad over with first so that the last things considered are generally good.

Central Jersey:

The landscape is generally unimpressive. Its fairly flat (a few rolling hills) and the rivers have a tendency to run over their banks (mostly the Bound Brook Manville areas).

Trucks, trucks, trucks and more trucks. Highways, cars, did I mention trucks? I always get the feeling of industry and congestion, whenever I'm in Middlesex County. The biggest baddest highways of the state cut through this vicinity.

Its in the middle (I know, duh!) so there's an easy drive to just about any other part of the state; beaches, state parks, rivers, etc. It's kinda halfway between NYC and Philly. I have an acquaintance that is a huge Eagles/Flyers fan, but works in NYC; guess where he chose to live?

Less than an hour to the beach and less than an hour to what we call mountains (Carolinians, New Yorkers and anyone from out west can stop laughing now!).

Its home to the largest university in the state; Rutgers. The college and Johnson & Johnson have been and are pumping an ton of money into New Brunswick in the hopes of making it a real jewel. The Raritan River runs alongside the town. This can be a very picturesque river at times.

Public transportation is fairly good; better than some other parts of the state. NJ is notoriously behind in transportation conveniences. Mostly because (IMHO) there are so damn many highways crisscrossing everywhere.

Healthcare is pretty top notch. Teaching hospital, trauma center, cancer, heart all the specialties and the research to go with them. Robert Wood Johnson competes with some of the large hospitals in the more urban areas for specialty patients.

The last I heard, the area's economy was pretty healthy. Expansion seems to be still taking place in many local industries. Pharmaceuticals is where its at in NJ and especially in Middlesex County. I don't think you can sneeze in Middlesex without someone asking you to be part of their test study...

I'm sure the other NJ APUGers will chime in with other tidbits. I live in the NW portion of the state, so I'm a little swayed to our neck o the woods. But New Brunswick is poised to become special in the near future. You could do far worse....need I mention Camden???