there are several discussions on about 777~~

SOMEONE call Kentucky Bluegrass and found out its' developer doesn't contain Glycin- so it can't be the same formula.

I've tried to contact 2 of the people who use 777, because of this thread,
but neither has E-mailed back as yet.

Bill Pierce, one of the people mentioned in the unblinking eye article, E-mailed me back that he finally gave up and went back to D-76. :o

I would really like to talk with someone who has done 35mm in 777. Mainly
because all the "photo-chemical experts" say you can't use a PPD/Glycin
based developer with todays emulsions- not with getting excessive speed loss and/or dichroic fog. They also say that todays films are so good, that we no longer need "fine grain developers".