The problem could be the film. I experienced a problem with banding with Bergger BPF film when printing with UV processes. The bands do not show on the negative, and in fact don't scan, but when I print them with UV processes they are very prominent. This was 12X20 film developed with rotary processing in a drum. I considered the possibility that the method of development was the reason for the banding, but after a lot of thought concluded that the problem had to be in the film.


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Thanks for the responses Joe S and Joe L (like Supermans father, right?)
I've been printing cyanotypes using darkroom derived negatives (Bergger 18 ortho & pos/neg process) and the banding becomes apparent in the printing out stage. Moving the prints back 3/4 of an inch has helped alot with no discernable change in exposure and I'll be increasing the distance another inch or so next weekend.
Thanks Again