I find JandC Classic 200 indistinguishable from Bergger BPF 200. I can't get any better prints out of either one of them than I can out of HP5+. Maybe if there were about 15 zones of contrast in a scene I could cram more scale into one of these films than HP5+, but I have yet to run into a need for that much latitude. I find that I'm much better off with the film I've used for so many years and know like the back of my hand. I'm sticking with HP5+. Tri-X is good, too, but doesn't have quite as long a straight line section to its S curve.

BTW, I can't stand Efke PL100. Just about the worst film I've ever tried. I've got about half a box of it in 4 x 5. It's yours if you want it.