Hi Alan,

Sorry to hear that you got laid off, and I wish you good luck with the upcoming interviews.

I agree with everything the other folks from Jersey have written. New Brunswick is an interesting town and it is undergoing quite a bit of development in the downtown areas, so hopefully good things are coming. The presence of Rutgers University makes it a very diversely populated area. It also lies on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor Line that connects Boston & DC (and beyond). So, traveling to NYC or Philadelphia is a breeze. There are NJ Transit busses running within New Brunswick and around the area that connect to the train station. Major highways are nearby. The Raritan River adds an extra charm to the place.

I live in Plainsboro, which is about 15 minutes by train to New Brunswick. This area is still very nice - it used to be nicer when I moved here three years ago. The main influx here are NYC transplants who have suddenly discovered this place. Proximity to Princeton also does not hurt. Plainsboro has a very good school district as well. The influx has resulted in property prices going up and developments taking place on every bit of open land available. To give you an idea, I pay about $900 for a 675 sq. ft. single-bedroom apartment, utilities (electric + water) are extra. Someone mentioned East Brunswick - that is also a nice town to live in. I do not own property (and do not plan to in the near future) so I will not be able to give you any ideas about property prices.

As others have mentioned, auto insurance premiums are pretty high in NJ. And you also have to remember that this is the most congested state in the nation! Driving in NJ can be something of an experience, especially for out-of-state drivers.

New Jersey also has nice things about it - lovely beaches, the Pine Barrens, and the Highlands are some of the things that come to mind.

Hope this helps you in your search for information. If you need anything specific, please feel free to PM me, or drop me an email.

Good luck!