I had never heard of thsi site before until someone from lfphoto.info recommended it to me. It looks quite interesting, and hopefully I'll be able to be as active on this board as I am on others.

I am a junior in high school from Northern New Jersey. I shoot 6x4.5 and 8x10, and am planning some work in 11x14 and 20x24 paper negs. I do my own B&W, and also my own Ilfochrome, though I send out my color film for processing.

In the near future I plan on doing a few life size (1:1) black and white portraits, printed on 40" paper from 8x10. I also plan on getting started in some alternative process work, though my budget is pretty tight and I can't really spend the money on outfitting an alternative process darkroom at the moment.

I've been shooting 8x10 for almost a year, and use a Cambo 810N, though at times I really wish I had a lighter field camera.