Hey everyone

I'm a newbie to darkroom equipment, being a coddled student who's used to having staff around to sort it out when things go wrong But now i'm second in command of my uni photo society and needing some help with getting our darkroom fully functional again

Kaiser System V, VCP 6001
(i think - thats all the info i could get off the enlarger itself)

We don't have a lens for this enlarger, and would quite like to get it going I don't understand enlarger lenses at all so can anyone give me advice on what type of lens we need to get? Do they have different fittings like camera lenses, are they all the same, or are they specific to each enlarger? Focal lengths?

Any help at all you can give would be appreciated - my IM information is in my userinfo if you fancy talking me through it on msn/yahoo/aim