I'm starting to print Kallitypes and did a couple test prints of step tablets today.

I am using Stonehenge paper, and I double coated it. I didn't size the paper before hand. The paper cleared well after washing, and the whites looked white... But looking at the back of the paper it seemed like the solution soaked in and darkened it in areas, but didn't effect the quality of the image on the front. Should I be sizing every paper I use before I print? If so, is the arrowroot I bought ok for sizing?

The other question I have is about exposure time. How do I determine it? I did a test for 2.5 minutes, then developed, toned, and fixed the print. After it dried I looked at it, the blacks were very black, and I stayed with the time. But now I'm thinking maybe I should try to shorten the time. I didn't expect to have such fast exposures. I think if I shorten the time it will help be build better curves from the step tablet and have my middle values more centered.

I appreciate any advice or suggestions you have.