Jim, I think you are right on with your post. Since I have been reading B&W since the first issue and have not missed any of them, I have watched the evolution of some of the folks showing their work.

There may be a relationship to advertising and spotlight articles, but I really do not think so. Bill Schwab, who is a member of this site I think, was featured and yet I do not recall seeing his work advertised. On the other hand, Michael and Paula have been there forever it seems and the current issue is the first to have a spotlight article on them.

You have a very good point about some might get upset..... but I think there is some outstanding talent on this site and it might be a good way to let others know. I would add that it would be in the participants best interest to have a good selection of work available for the buying public to choose from, just something I've always been told. That and they like a variety.

Good luck to all who go for it..and keep the rest of us posted.