"not digital so I was a little apprehensive about it all, no deleting and shooting again!"

Just a quick comment. A wedding photographer using digital NEVER deletes while shooting. When you do that you could mess up the synchronization of numbering and time. This is especially true when using two cameras and you are trying to keep them synchronized.
Also, you could accidentally erase more than you wanted to or the wrong shot, or.....actually you don't have that much time to review closely at a wedding. "Chimping" is ok but not for every shot. Mostly just a quick look at the histogram tells you what you need to know.

While I recognize that this is a film forum, it is still really important to the business of photography to keep misconceptions about digital (as well as film) to a minimum.

That said, I miss shooting film at weddings. I just like the cameras better. I have a beautiful F6 that I haven't used at a wedding yet. I keep threatening to but I've gotten used to a digital workflow. I too miss dropping off the film and waiting in anticipation for the results. There's a different kind of freedom there.
For my take, the best thing about shooting digital is not worrying about how many frames you shoot and that you can shoot more without "reloading". Also, being able to set the ISO on the fly is a plus.
After that, I would rather shoot film because I DON'T have to keep checking anything. I can keep my eye on the subject and just shoot. Weddings are always tricky with changes in lighting and I think film can be more forgiving with minor changes while digital requires a more controlled exposure setting. That certainly though, dispells the myth that anyone with a digital camera can be a good photographer. It's harder!

There are way too many debates about film vs. digital. It's more fun to enjoy photography - taking and looking at pictures.