I've just finished completing development/density testing on ClassicPan 200 (aka BPF 200), using HC-110 Dil H (1 stock:15 water), and PMK 1:2:100.

I had no problem getting excellant densities in either soup, although my E.I.'s are 20 and 25 respectively. That's fine by me.

I live in Canada, and thought that J&C had the cheapest price on this film ($11.99 U.S. per 25 sheet 4x5),...well they do, in the States. But in Toronto, Eight Elm Photo/Video sell the same film packaged as FortePan 200 & 400 for $21.00 CDN per 25 sheet box. (4x5) This saves me even more money, as it cuts out the Customs/Duty charges at the border.

I agree that the film is a little rough around the edges,...maybe that's why they go to so much trouble with the packaging. It doesn't present any problems for me, because I develop either one sheet at a time, or multiples by using the six sheet tray from summitek [http://www.summitek.com/][/url]