hi there

1. On your easel bladesmark clearly each image butt position top and bottom
2. Put tape one inch on either side of but line top and bottom , you now have 12 pieces of tape, equally spaced
3.Test each image to a size that over laps 1 1/2 inches beyond the butt lines
4.Match grades and tonalitys and make sure that you set your timer for approx 10 seconds*give or take 1 second* apeture position will be critical
5. Now position Image one and place a card on the inside tape*within the image and hit the exposure. Slowly move the card from inside tape to the inside tape of the middle image position , making sure it takes you 10 seconds.* a foot switch or helper will be helpful*
6. put the second image in place *you will need red filter under lens to position* bleed the second image into the first and third. * Now since it is a three image piece you and your assistant must put a card on the inside tape of the middle image and you use the 10 seconds to slowly move the card to the inside tape of the first image and your assistant slowly moves the card to the inside of the third image.
7. Now put in the third image, remember the red filter under lens.Place the card on the tape on the inside of the third image, hit the exposure and slowly move the card to the inside tape of the middle image in the 10 second time.

I did this as an assignment in college and it only takes one full day, If you are lucky to have an nice assistant its much like a twister game, good possibilitys at the end of the day.

If you do everything right you should have three images perfectly and seamlessly blended together balanced for density and contrast.

This is a challange. post your image . you can do it. screw Photo Shop.
This one excersise will give you more printing information and skill *done properly*