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Here is what I understand about pyro and why I want to use it.

It makes the negative dual purpose, both silver and UV exposed alt processes where a denser neg is a good thing.

No one seems to write glowing reports about WD2D+. Is there a reason? Someone wrote in one post that it caused a flat neg is this true?

I'm just weighing the options before I buy.

By the way Adorama was going to charge me almost nine bucks to ship 1 5x7 box of BPF 200 for the same method as BH(who I bought form) Whats up with that?(not a concern. It just bugged me)
WD2D+ is supposedly a staining developer that has recently been reformulated. It has been written about in a magazine article 2-3 months ago. I have not used it and so I have no opinion on it. I imagine one of the things that stops people such as myself from using it is that it is proprietary and the formula is not public knowledge. I prefer to use a developer that I can mix from ingredients that I purchase.

If someone wrote that WD2D+ caused a "flat neg", I would take take as only one person's opinion. There are a number of things apart from a developer that will cause a "flat neg"...always remember that your mileage may vary.

It wasn't that long ago that B&H absolutely jammed me on shipping charges (about 5 times what Calumet charged in that case) I guess they got their act together on shipping. Good luck.