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Yes, Peter and All; my response was strictly informational to PhotoEngineer. Guess I should have sent it as a PM, but I didn't...

I DO NOT recommend you use perc (as we call it); it is carcinogenic and we wear organic vapor respirators when handle the stuff and have a routine medical monitoring program that does an annual battery of tests to chart blood protein levels and other variable to make sure we are not sliding over into Cancer.

Not a good chemical to mess with; somewhat on par with Carbon Tet.

You are correct as far as it goes.

The problems you mention are exactly why Kodak recommended silicone oil. To avoid the problems inherent with chloro organic solvents.

All of the enlargements that I had made by EK for me at Cape Canaveral were wet gate printed using silicone oil and then the negatives were 'dried' only with the chloro carbon solvent. EK suggested that Hollywood use the silicone oil with other solvents used in small quantity to 'rinse' the negatives (if even that).

So, as usual, the answer is yes and no, or whatever. It is a mix out there. Environmentally friendly labs don't use chlorocarbons.