I don't think the usual soft box could even begin to take the heat. The modeling lamps in my DynaLites are 200W halogens and I'm pretty sure that without the cooling fans in operation I'd just about destroy the soft boxes. I haven't tried it, though ... hmm ...
Nah! I'm not curious enough to try.

If memory serves, an 80A is the prescribed filter to balance the light from a clear fash bulb (anyone remember those?) for use with daylight color film (3800K > 5500K); an 80B would be for R2 Floodlamps to daylight (3200K > 5500K) -Note 1.

Does anyone here know what the color temperatures of either quartz or halogen lamps are?

Note 1: I'm sure that if I'm wrong about the numbers here, there will be someone to correct me - faster than the speed of light.