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I am preparing to make some 7x17 prints tonight with some Arches Platine I've had stashed away for some time now. Thought I'd make some quck 4x5 tests, and they're very very nice. I have tried a LOT of other papers, but the Platine is the best so far.

What I want to know is why hasn't anyone ever mentioned how GOOD it is?

Is it your 'dirty little secret'? Does one have to 'climb the mountain' before finding out about it? It blows away anything I've used before, so I'm starting to wonder why I even bothered starting with anything else.

In any case, it's all tongue-in-cheek, but I wanted to shout it from the rooftops now that I've actually used some of mine.

Watch out...here come the 7x17's.

It's been done, that is Platine used for other processes. Trying making some cyanotypes with it. Luckily I've never gotten a bad batch of Platine as some have reported. I've never tried gum or gum overs with it but it is a good paper for many processes.

For alt. processes usually the first consideration is paper. Often there are good papers for a process that cost less than Platine, so more expensive doesn't always mean better. I personally prefer Platine over Cot320 as it is a little smoother to my eye and I think a little less expensive, though I keep both in stock.

Also having a variety of papers that you are familiar with provides some versatility with how a process will look and perform. After a while you will have your favorites.

Don Bryant