I haven't been down in the cave in many years but now that I've got the Mamiya I want to go before the tourist season. Planning on Saturday if nothing comes up. I know I'll need the tripod but what kind of exposures can I expect, using the lighting they provide? A lot of photos I see posted on the web are awfully orange, so I got two rolls of tungsten film. I also have plenty of Velvia on hand. Are the lights still tungsten or are they metal halide now? I also will take black and white (those changeable film backs are great). I have the 35mm lens so I can get some real wide shots. I do have a Sunpak 622 Super with the zoom head, but seems like I recall they don't like people using flashes. Is that true? Also I doubt it is wide enough for the lens I have, unless I take multiple exposures and move the light around. I finally got my enlarger all set up for 645 so I can do some b&w printing at home instead of sending them out.