Well I saw the exhibit today, there are some really cool shots there. Michael you were right about the burned looking highlights, mostly on the ones shot in the swamp. At a guess I'd say the film highlights were blocked, the print had tone but no detail there. Some few had almost blank shadows but still looked good. Probably had something to do with contrasty light on top of reciprocity issues from exposure up to 10 minutes.
There was one that I'd seen on the web of the clumps of trees surrounded by open water that was really good looking but when I saw the wall sized picture I was astounded and tickled to see the trees were full of pelicans! Added a bit of dimension to the shot.
Over all I thought the exhibit was pretty good, I just wonder how difficult those negatives were that had the blocked highlights and if he was even worried by them.
Maybe one day I'll have a show there too ;-)