Michael, Jim, and others have reiterated what my thoughts have been on the matter. I personally think that this marketing approach has merit, it has a need, and the means are available. The question is how many photographers on this site are "serious" about their photographic efforts. By that I mean "serious" enough to commit to the financial obligation that this approach will require. I will do this in order to know what this will cost.I will contact Black and White Magazine (for collectors) to learn what the ad cost for a full page (initially) and a two page (ultimately) ad will run on their bi-monthly publication.

I have a HTML editor program and also MS Access for database so the web page is doable with little additional expense. I personally don't see the need for "flash" in the programming. Something distinctive and professional carries more impact then a lot of glitz in my books.

I agree that equal quality and comparable pricing in the work is a necessity. The matter of gallery contact needs to be recognized and dealt with. I am open to thoughts on what Jim said regarding this matter.

I would appreciate all who would be interested in participating, if their work were chosen, message me of their intent. This will serve as a further indicator of whether to proceed or not.