I have some questions and profound thoughts about TechPan that hopefully some of the bright minds here can help me grapple with.

Now my understanding of this film is that for once the Great Yellow Father's instructions on exposure and development are spot on. Yet the Data Sheet for TP seems to contradict itself on how long to develop TP in Technidol. On pub P-255 page 2 it suggests an EI of 16 to 25 for development in Technidol for 5 to 11 minutes. So in theory if I'm choosing an EI of 25, I would develop the film for 11 minutes.

On page 6 it suggests a time of 9 minutes in Technidol at 20 degrees but only for 35mm.


I've just started playing with this film. Last week I shot a couple of rolls of 120, mainly pictures of my kids using a strobe so the shutter speed wouldn't be an issue. I exposed at 25 and developed the film for 9 minutes in Technidol (I didn't see the caveat regarding 35mm film until just after I finished). Overall I'm very pleased with the results. The highlights in the skin are perfect; the overall skin tones are that lovely creamy tone we're all trying to get but can't quite define. It was just sharp enough without being too sharp for a portrait. But I did think that some of the skin tone in the area's of my daughters' faces that weren't getting the full blast of the strobe could have been about a half a Zone higher in value.

So my thinking now is to continue to expose at 25 but for these sort of images to develop for 11 minutes. Unless I'm reading the Data Sheet wrong and someone could correct me?

Overall I'm very pleased with the results. I've been trying in vain to eek out that sort of glowing skin tone using other films and there it was all along. One nice benefit of the extended red sensitivity - my six month old daughter has a rash on her chin from drooling (that's her job these days, she drools) and in the picture it just wasn't there at all.

Anyway, if anyone else is using TechPan for portraits or nudes or other sort of people pictures, I'd be greatly interested in your thoughts, suggestions, etc. And if anyone has an alternative to Technidol which is impossiblely expensive for such small quantities, I'd appreciate it. I'd like to try Rodinal next - I've heard 1:100 for six minutes is a good start.