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... snip...My question is for users who feel there is a significant benefit to the R6.2 over the R6. Most likely I will be starting out with a normal lens and then a wide angle, then tele etc. Is the 1/2000 additional shutter speed on the R6.2 worth side stepping the R6? Are there any other notable differences?

Thanks in advance.
There are small differences. You should handle the cameras, and shoot with them. The 6.2 is a VERY nice camera. Although to be fair, any of the R series will survive in conditions that will kill the photographer.

You should handle the cameras, and see how they feel in your hands, how you can see the screen, and all those things. Buy the camera as you would buy a pair of boots.

As for 1/2000.... well, if you want to get the absolute most acutance from the image, you need to minimize camera movement ( induced by the photographer ! ) and 1/2000 can be handy for that. Also, avoid stopping the lens any farther than necessary to avoid diffraction problems. Again, 1/2000 could be handy. But I don't know, outside of a desert or snowfield ,whether it would be necessary.

Good luck.