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Cheaper perhaps, but not less complex if you think about it. The filter is one more piece of kit to carry (and remember), and possibly in multiple sizes or with multiple adapters if your lenses are not matched to a single filter size. I managed to standardize 50mm, 100mm, and 180mm lenses on a single filter size, but my 24mm won't even take that size with an adapter. The higher shutter speed is always on the camera, and you don't have to pull it out of the bag and attach it before a fleeting shot gets away.

Then again, I don't see a single stop of DOF being critical in many situations, and if you're shooting negatives you could often overexpose a single stop and print through without sacrificing too much.

I shoot mainly slide film and one stop overexposure is critical especially if you are taking portraits in very bright conditions at full aperture to throw the background out of focus and you are caught with 400 ASA film in the camera. Your point about filter sizes Lee, is a valid one, I hadn't thought about it because all my Canon lenses take 52mm filters and I use two ND filters A 2x and a 4X I have had for years.