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Ed, I had Normans and speedo's for a long time and your right their great. The power packs are very heavy and take a lot of room and require more setup. They also pull more amp on a surge(20) than the momo's so your more subject to tripping circuits. In an established studio these issues are not a problem. But for someone going from location to location they can be a nightmare.
True that Normans and Speeds *are* heavy, but Dynalite M1000s are hardly heavier than some Monos. To me (n.b. "me"), the remote situation of the head/entire monolight is a consideration. One simply can not bury a monolite (sans remote control a' la White Lightning) in a light modifier - I use a BrittDome - or out on the end of a boom, or in sundry other places out there - and have reasonably intimate control over the flash output.

However, going back to "me", others will swear by monolights.
Y' pays yer money, and y' takes yer choice ... I really can't see a clear-cut winner here.

BTW -- I'm running two (2) Dynalite M1000x packs from one (1) 15A circuit - less than Dynalite lists for momentary surge to charge their caps - and I haven't tripped a circuit breaker once in - sheesh - it has been eleven years now, in my studio. Hasn't happend on location, either.

Be that as it may ... The first thing to take care of when visiting an unfamiliar location - no matter what flavor is used - is to locate the electrical service - just in case.