There are Master photographers & there are Master printers. Frequently, they are combined as with Ed Weston & Ansel Adams. They exemplify photographers who are interested in detail or "the fineness of experience". After all, it took Weston 30 trys with a LF camera to get the right pepper. It may depend on how one enters the photography profession. People like Sexton & Michael Kenna got their professional start thru printing the works of others; and their attention to the quality of the print shows. Butcher started as an architectural photographer, expanded to color prints of California images; but not till some time after coming to florida did he develop as a B&W photographer. I suspect he exemplifies a Master photographer who is not also a great printer.

But could a good printer spoil the work of a good photographer? As suggested in some of the above comments, part of the impact of Butcher's images may derive from having blown out highlights. It does capture the Florida ambience where light can be overpowering. So, it may also depend on one's environment as to the characteristics of your image. A good analogy is landscape design. The English & New England gardener works in pastels, while gardeners in the tropics use bold colors.