Years ago, when I used 35mm exclusively, we attended a group (non-photographers with children) who hosted slide shows (mostly of their children) a couple of times a year. Folks always ask me how I produced such “good” images – equipment / film / lens, et c. The only difference was that I usually used a tripod – really!

Now of course I use a tripod in every situation possible. There is one great trick for street photography with MF, or in locations prohibiting their use. I keep a short piece of braided twine tied to a ¼-20 eye-bolt, which fits the standard socket, in my pocket. When the situation arises, I attach the cord, step on the bitter end, and stretch it taught. Used with my C330f and the neck strap, I have produced clear images at shutter speeds as slow as ¼ sec. It is quite a steady system and perfect for 35mm.