A while ago I bought about 30 rolls of expired film on eBay. Most of the rolls weren't marked with expiration dates (they were in plastic film cans, but not in boxes), and IIRC the seller said they had been refrigerated. It was an odd lot -- store brand (mostly rebadged Ferrania) color negative film, Kodak and Fuji color negative film, a few rolls of B&W (both conventional and C-41), and one or two rolls of Kodak E6 slide film. So far it's all seemed OK, with the possible exception of one roll of Agfa APX 400, which had very high base+fog levels. (That might have been processing, though; I'd never used APX 400 before then.) The worst thing is that many of these rolls come through processing with some wicked film curl. I bought the film so I'd have a supply of cheap "junk" rolls to use for testing new cameras, etc., but at this point I'd be willing to use it for real photography.