I have xproccessed alot of this stuff. I rate it around 32iso and bracket. It is not as contrasty as EPR/EPN and EPP but more contrasty than EPT. All these films are similar colour wise when xprocessed. The crossover is in yellow/blue with some green (due to mask being clear and the need to up the magenta). The colours are not as strong nor do thay block up as quickly as the daylight vareints of kodak's chromes when xprocessed. EPT is a better tungstun chrome to xprocess -- wider latitude, less crossover and more punch. With EPY you get all the headaches with less reward.

The overexpose chromes for xproccesing by 2-stops is a myth. Over exposing c41 materials by as much as 4 stops when proccessing in e6 is true.