O.K. I would like to announce that we are going to have an outing on the Delmarva Peninsula on Saturday, April 22nd (Rain date will be the 29th). I have found that location could vary due to interest so sound off all who are interested and I will have the thing set up by April 1st. I shoot 35mm but all formats are welcome. A multi-formatted outing would be very interesting and educational in and of itself. Post on this thread your interest, your preferred format, your hometown (for time constraint considerations), your points of interest, if you can trek a bit or if you need to stick close to the roads, prefered subject matter, also if you would consider a two dayer. Things of the nature that would allow me to plan something that would be enjoyable by all. I will contact everybody who wishes to attend of plans by March 25th for approval and finalized plans by the 1st. Why April? No tourists yet and the mosquito's have Harleys after June 1st. If we have a good enough turn out, perhaps we can plan something for October. Thank you for viewing this post.