Found this camera last week in a old dusty box way back in my number 2 store room. Would any body no how old it might be or when it was made, took some color shots this week and they came out super nice and clean. description of the camera as you look at it from the front going left to right.
In a small box it has flask-2.8-4-5.6-8-11-16-22=FNo. When you open the slide protecting the lens, on top of the slide is in Caps=XS. Around the lens in a circle it reads=Olympus F-ZUIKO 1:2.8-f=35mm, below the lens is the ASA settings from 25 to 800, below this is the focus slide, above the lens when you move the focus it reads=ff 2.8 4 8 oo ft, obove this is the veiw finder, in the veiw window when you move to focus the camera on the left side are numbers with a needle that goes up, the numbers are 1 2 4 6 15 30 60 125 250 500. It has an Electronic Flash A11, above this is a glass and i think a refelector, on the left you can move a ltlle side up and down with ASA settings=reads 400-full-100 On the bottom left to right, back light . + 1.5-check-self timer on the back left it has AUTO and below that are ASA numbers with lines going up, some are short and long, the Flash pops out on the top to the left side when you are using it, Thanks, Mike.