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If the shutter speed is 1/2 sec. it should not require compensation. I have always felt that Zone II is fixed for any specific film regardless of ultimate subject illumination. Maybe I'm on the wrong track here and/or have misinterpreted the requirements listed in your example, but if I was to do this, I would photograph a gray card (or my palm?) with the camera set to produce a Zone II using whatever light is available. If the time setting is longer than it seems practical, try to get more light on the card / hand.
dr bob, I think that Annie was asking about a 1/2 second pre-exposure followed by a second exposure which her meter indicated as being 4 seconds. Perhaps I am failing to understand your answer but it seems that you are answering on the basis of only a 1/2 second exposure . Please straighten me out if I failed to understand you.
No Don, I was trying to indicate that the production of a zone II pre exposure depends only on - whatever it takes to produce it. Ex., regardless of the subject illumination, if I were about to do a night shoot, I might use a flashlight or headlights or whatever to illuminate my gray card (or whatever) then, using metered data, set the shutter and lens in the most convenient manner to get the zone II.

I congratulate you on including the development requirements for this sort of image in your original reply.