I’d swear that I’ve stumbled into the Mother Of All Hair Splitting forums. That’s MOAHS for all of you acrymonious types out there.

Going back for a moment to the “glitche” discussion,...the correct spelling is giclée. It’s pronounced “gee-clay” and it’s an upscaled term for inkjet print. It means “to spray water”(as in between the teeth). I guess “inkjet” just didn’t sound refined enough for all of the self appointed Grand Poobahs in the ART WORLD.

Them's digitals gone and got themselve's Bonafied!!! (fade in the dualing banjoes theme song from Deliverance; cut to a scene where we see an inbred looking brute, with a shiny new digital Rebel around his neck. Kneeling in front of him, looking rather distraught, is some poor schmuck pathetically clutching his fully manual,...and heavy "view camera". We hear the goon behind him say "squeal like a piggy!...fade to black.

But I digress.