For those intererested in kallitype we should emphasize that palladium or platinum toned kallitypes don't just look like real palladium and platinum prints. For all practical purposes they also have the same stability, assuming good processing, since in toning a high percentage of the silver metal is replaced with palladium or platinum.

Teaching carbon along with the other processes at the Formulary workshop last summer worked out much smoother than I would have imagined. So the workshop I am scheduled to do there this year has been changed from just carbon printing to Alternative Printing, and will include carbon along with kallitype, Pt./Pd. and vandyke.


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Definately Steven's "Making Kallitypes: A Definative Guide". I cherish my copy. More information than you would ever want to know, but it can be overkill.

My wife and I learned Kallitypes from Sandy King. He made it so easy that I now make Pallidium toned Kallitypes instead of Pt/Pd prints (much easier and cheaper - and look the same).