The ultimate worth of subscribing is really up to you...aside from selling your camera is there anything else you would want from this site? If not you have a few options to sell your you have found out KEH and other will offer only a fraction of what you feel the equipment is worth, but that is because they will have to hold onto the equipment until someone else wants to purchase it. you could try to sell it on ebay or another auction site and hope to either sell it for a price you think is fair (but then you have to hope that the people looking would agree with you on that price) or take a chance and let the bidding go where it may. You could also take an ad out in a local paper and hope that someone wants it, and that your audience is at least 11000+. So unless you just find someone that wants to purchase the equipment, it will probably cost you at least $25, and you may or may not reach the same size group....Just some thoughts.

Good Luck either way.