Hi Vollie - I am one of the "learn" rather than "teach" contingent... almost a year on this site and the amount of stuff I know is only overshadowed by what I find out daily I don't know. Its a viscious circle - I love it! I think you will love the majority of the people here - I have never had a better on-line experience than APUG, I swear Sean filters who gets in... but I know he doesn't, so I guess film folk are good folk Welcome!

The main reason for my posting: you can't hold it against KEH for being a little low with their offer, the are a business (with a pretty stellar rep, I might add!), and they have to turn a profit. But, of course, that is NO reason for you to not apply the same principles to your sale!
I would suggest first and for most to post an add here - you may get your asking price, you may not - but one thing is almost certain: you are very unlikely to have a horror story about a buyer.
Secondly, there is eBay. Viewed by some as evil personified and/or the money grabbing arm of some ancient Masonic/Illuminati conspiracy, its actually a pretty good way to sell stuff. I have one suggestion, though:
From my (waaaay to frequent) scans of their listings, I found that items offered with reserve tend not to generate many bids, or fewer than items with no reserve. I think most buyers find it annoying that there is a price the seller has in mind, but is unwilling to be up-front about. Fortunately, you can control the minimum price buy entering a starting bid - its a lot more open and from my experience seems to generate a better response. In the end, if you hae a good, well described item with quality pictures, I find that most itmes seem to maintain a very even price level. If nothing else, you will find out how much the public is willing topay for your camera. It also helps that the F100 is a very desireable piece with a great reputation and well deserved following - make sure you point out its excellent shape and "low mileage" and I think you will do well.
OK - I am the guy who rambles on and on and on, by the way...