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I would love to go to Spain but not this trip. The suggestion on the Cinqueterre I'll include as I have seen this on television. Isn't there a boat that will take you as well?
I don't know about a boat- there may well be. I just did it via train, as it was February when I went there and a bit chilly for my taste to hike the whole route. Also worth a visit (although pretty well photographed to death) is Portofino. I forget which town you get off the train at to get there, but you get off the train and catch a bus out to Portofino. The hike up the hill to the old castle is worth it, although the castle is a tad disappointing - it is well preserved but not restored. The view from the terrace looking back at the town is very picturesque, and on the way back down, the views out over the cliffs to the Mediterranean are also quite nice.