Thank you all for the suggestions.

This happens with what it seems like all my prints. The blown out corners are not on the negatives.

My first thought was the one about the paper not sinking correctly in the developer, but I always make sure every corner is properly submerged, so I'm not sure if that could be it? I'm using Ilford paper developer and the recommended developing time is 1 minute.

Also, I have made prints at f16 and still got the blown out corners.

I also just discovered that the lens area has a tilt function, but it's indicated that it is full centered.

I checked, and my condenser is in the correct slot for 35mm.

There is something I am unsure of on my enlarger. It's a sliding mechanism directly below the condenser and filter holder and right above the negative carrier. It moves another lens/glass(condenser?) up and down. I've attached two photos to show it. What is this for? I haven't touched this slider thing while printing, so I'm thinking it may be my problem. Also note that the actual negative carrier and filter holder are not in in the photos.